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OKay, clearly you have seen this pic all over Tumblr. But i noticed something and decided to do some research.

So, Aaron Rogers, the DJ, came out on the air (proud of him).

Harry retweeted a tweet about the UK passing the bill of allowing gay marriage (finally)

but then in the third pic, Harry supposedly @ replied to AaronRodgers12 about him being his hero.

Everyone thinks this is all connected. BUt let me tell why I don’t think it is.

Harry @ replied AARONRODGERS12. Who is the QuarterBack for the Green Bay Packers NOT A RADIO DJ.

The Aaron Rogers that came out is a totally different person. This Twitter handle is @ONAIRAARON

As i remember, Green Bay wasn’t in the super bowl,or is Aaron Rodgers retiring NOR GAY.

And Harry retweeted that Happy Gay Marriage tweet because he is clearly from the UK. He is happy that other people can be happy now.

So, that last pic is obviously an edit. Because you can go on his twitter and see that he did @ reply Aaron, but only about the Packers being in the Superbowl next year.

None of these tweets have any connection. So there.

I am not bashing anyone or anything at all. People are just taking this as more evidence to Harry being Gay or Bi. But this isn’t real, or does i have any connection with each other. I do ship Larry loudly and proudly and nothing can change that.

Thanks for reading.

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